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Dancers Give Back

Nina Li - 8 November, 2017


Dancer’s Give Back Ottawa is an organization that was created with the purpose of uniting dance studios from throughout Ottawa to create change in the community. It’s a weekend-long event in which several dance studios, university dance teams, and professional dancers come together to put on a show and raise money for several worthwhile organizations within the community.

In high school I had the pleasure of being involved in Dancer’s Give Back, as I was an ambassador for my dance studio, and my studio was one of the many that contributed a dance number to the show. I’ve always thought that the event was amazing, because it reminded dancers who would regularly compete against each other that they were all a part of the same dance community. Instead of focusing on the competitive nature of the art form, the attention was shifted towards bonding through the love of dance, and coming together for a greater cause.


Last year there was a social media campaign throughout Instagram and Facebook where members of the Ottawa dance community wrote a post about what the quote “Together We Dance Louder” meant to them. To me, this quote exemplifies the reason why Dancer’s Give Back embodies everything that philanthropy is. This organization is the definition of coming together and uniting for change, and demonstrates to the world that being bonded through a mutual passion can be more powerful and meaningful than competition and differences in where you come from. With this, we can create an unstoppable force, and truly make the world a better place.