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Philanthropy Starts with Ordinary People

Jenny Lu - 1 November, 2017


For this week’s blog post, I wanted to share a TED Talk I recently listened to about how philanthropy starts with ordinary people – me and you.

Katherine Fulton talks about how philanthropy is the giving of time and talent, not just money. When people think of philanthropy, they often think that it’s the giving of money that matters. After all, money is tangible – and it makes tangible impacts too. I remember participating in my first Model United Nations assembly when I was in high school and I felt as if every resolution led to the question: “Where do we get these funds?” I’ve come to know that philanthropy is so much more than just that question. You don’t have to be the Gates or the Buffets of the world to make an impact. It takes time, talent and leadership to create a future where our hope for the world becomes a reality. I think Katherine puts it best when she says that “We’re going to need a new generation of citizen leaders willing to commit ourselves to growing and changing and learning as rapidly as possible”. That is our generation and we can make an impact.