January 21 - 23, 2016

"altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement"

"charitable giving to human causes" or, put simply, "love of humanity"


The delegate applications have been posted for QCOP 2016! Don't miss out on the best conference yet! The deadline for all submissions is Thursday, December 3 at 11:59:59pm.

Internal Delegate Application
External Delegate Application
External Delegates Bursary Application


Queen's Conference on Philanthropy is Canada's premier undergraduate philanthropic conference. At QCOP, we aim to educate, inspire and empower top undergraduate delegates nationwide to make a difference in today's world. QCOP 2016 will feature a lineup of accomplished and motivational speakers who work across different industries, and welcome over 150 delegates from across Canada. Delegates will participate in a series of hands-on workshops to provide them with tools to address, analyze, and tackle both local and global issues.

The 2016 conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront at 2 Princess St., Kingston, ON.


We believe that work and effort have an even greater impact when groupled with purpose and direction. At QCOP, we hope to inspire delegates, connect them with like-minded individuals, and provide them with the opportunity to discover how they want to impact the world. To make this all possible, we have made it our goal to give delegates the necessary resources and to link them with industry professionals who have a wealth of experience.

Fall asleep with a dream, wake up with a purpose. When you surround yourself with people who share a passionate commitment about a common purpose, anything is possible. The QCOP 2016 theme, wake up with a purpose, strives to empower and bring people together as they seek to bring about change. We aim to turn dreams into realities and to build a passionate community where delegates can support one another and work towards making a difference. Our work is not complete until everyone can wake up with a purpose.


The Queen's Conference on Philanthropy aims to create a forum for like-minded students to discuss their passion for philanthropy and to shape Canada's next generation of philanthropic leaders. We create this forum through inviting top speakers, offering engaging workshops, and providing networking opportunities for our delegates. Achieving this vision each year would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. If you are interested in supporting us for QCOP 2016, please contact our sponsorship team at sponsorship@qcop.ca, who would be happy to further discuss the benefits of a partnership between your organization and QCOP.

Sponsors for QCOP 2015 included:


Since the creation of QCOP in 2008, we have hosted a wide array of speakers from various fields. They are professionals at the helm of large NGOs, athletes, artists, and students who continue to contribute to their communities. They are founders of organizations that seek creative solutions to problems of poverty, environment, and education. They are brave individuals who have experienced first-hand the harsh reality of conflict zones across the world.

We are looking for speakers that represent the variety of interests that our delegates hold, as we'd like to inspire them to pursue their passion in all areas of philanthropy. We welcome speakers who would like to share a story to give our delegates perspective on what's happening in the world. We also welcome speakers who will impart wisdom and experience to our delegates who will use that knowledge for philanthropic pursuits.

If you are someone involved in any philanthropic activity who loves to engage, inspire and connect with aspiring youth, then we are looking for you! Please contact our speakers team at speakers@qcop.ca for more information.

Past speakers include the following:


If you want to make a difference in the world, you've come to the right place. Queen's Conference on Philanthropy is unique as Canada's first undergraduate conference dedicated to philanthropy. Over 150 delegates from across Canada attend the two-day conference, eager to explore what being a philanthropist means and how they can impact their communities. No matter what you are excited about, from empowering fellow students to networking with philanthropy-minded business executives, the dynamic speakers and workshops will leave you inspired and prepared to make an impact.

QCOP 2016 will be held at the Holiday Inn Waterfront Hotel in Kingston, ON from January 21st to 23rd, 2016. Delegate applications will be launched in early November - check back on our website then to register and qualify for the early bird fee. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook to stay updated!

We can't wait to share this year's conference with you, and don't hesitate to contact us at delegates@qcop.ca if you have any questions! You can also contact the QCOP external campus representative at your school or the representative of a university nearby.

External Campus Representatives
Matthew Bassett
McMaster University
Year: 5th Year
Program: Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour
Passion: Music therapy, mental health
advocacy and international relations
Joanna Perkin
Mount Allison University
Year: 4th Year
Program: Political Science and Sociology
Passion: Being able to give everybody a
voice and breaking through barriers to be able to make that voice heard.
Sammi Li
York University
Year: 3rd Year
Program: Schulich School of Business
Passion: Boosting mental health awareness and global education for children
Hannah McElderry
Carleton University
Year: 3rd Year
Program: Journalism, French
Passion: Working with NGOs
internationally and locally

Our Team